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TCSP Procedures for all New Client Set-Up’s

In compliance with the 2010 Anti Money Laundering Act (as amended) All new Client’s must supply to us for each of their Directors or the Sole Trader:

  • A clear colour certified copy of a current passport, driving licence, public services card or national identity card.
  • A clear certified copy of a bank statement, correspondence from an Irish Government department or the Revenue Commissioners or a fixed household utility bill (not a mobile phone bill or car/house/health insurance), dated within the past 6 months, and addressed to the individual at his/her home address.
  • A copy of the Company registered Certificate (if applicable)

You may upload these documents using the form provided.
Accepted formats are PDF, jpeg, jpg, png.

To have a copy CERTIFIED can be obtained by bringing the original document and a photocopy to a, Garda Station (Local Police Station), Solicitor, or Commissioner of Oaths, and having the photocopy certified and officially stamped as a true copy of the original.

Files with these details are maintained in a secure location and then destroy two years after the account is closed as per our Data Protection Proceeds, available on our website,

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